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I am a 40 something year old mother of 2. I have always been interested in crafts since my sister and I spent summer weeks with my Grandmother, who was a very crafty lady, while my mother was in college. I mostly quilt since I seem to have an obsession with owning large quantities of fabric, but at one point or another think I have tried almost every craft out there.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

what do you think?

I have been in quite a slump lately. Lots of changes at work and just no motivation at home. I did absolutely nothing last weekend and then felt bad all week because nothing got accomplished. One of the things that keeps me doing nothing after work is dinner. DH gets home between 4 and 5 and I get home anywhere from 6 to 7:30. I usually come through the door, drop everything and flop on the couch. Then the conversation goes something like this... me -"What do you want for dinner?" DH- "What do we have?" me - "Well....." and I list what is in the fridge. DH - "I don't care. What do you want?" me - "Whatever you want to make." This leads us to eating out a lot more that we would like. I tried to get control of this issue today. I just finished 3 hours at the cook stove making Shepard's pie, a big pot of spaghetti sauce and goulash tami style. . Tomorrow I'm going to slice up the steak I bought today and marinate that for a stir fry. That will pretty much cover the week and all the prep work is going to be done. :-D Maybe I will get some quilting or knitting done in the evenings. I still have PIF gifts to make. I have been trying hard to think of something really cool. It will come to me.
I feel really good about today. Not only did I get the grocery shopping and all that cooking done I also made 3 blocks to audition for the start of this Round Robin I have joined. We are supposed to think of a theme. I used Civil War reproductions so I'm trying to think of a theme to go with. I would love ideas. Which do you like best?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i'm cooking now

I think I was born into the wrong time. Most of my friends think I'm crazy, but I really do enjoy cooking on my wood cook stove. I'm not sure if it is the fact that it is a challenge or that I am conserving energy by using the same heat for the house that is cooking our food. Until we moved here my cook stove had been in storage because our last house didn't have a place for it, but I wasn't about to give it up because I never knew if I would be able to find another in as good condition. When we were looking at houses for this move a place for the cook stove was a requirement. I can't cook on it as often as I did before I had a full time job, but on weekends, if it is cool enough I light a fire and cook ahead for the week. This weekend it was chicken parmesan and a ham. I have to tell you, a ham, turkey or chicken cooked in the wood oven is much better than a conventional oven.
Tonight, when I got home, DH had a fire going because the last few days have been pretty chilly. So I made balsamic chicken with rice and vegetables and heated myself at the same time.
Here is my built in jar storage all filled. Libby had asked for a picture when the jars were in. The cabinet doors still aren't on, but I'm not holding my breath for that. The doors are DH's least favorite part and I know from experience that it could be sitting like this for quite some time. I don't even think that asking him to help unpack will get them finished. :-D

Saturday, October 13, 2007

my challenge

I read Judy's challenge and decided that since it involved sitting at the computer, which I do at least 8 hours every day, this was something I could actually complete. It was great fun. I have 14 quilts saved in my EQ project. These are the 2 that I like the best today.

I'm sure the next time I open the file to look at them 2 different ones will be my favorites.

It is amazing what a change can be made in the design just by modifying colors. While I was doing this I decided to go out and check what the difference is between EQ5, which I have, and EQ6. I found a ton of downloadable fabric palettes that worked for EQ5. I downloaded them and found a lot of fabrics I own. I did a couple more colorways and moved EQ6 onto my Christmas list. :-D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my baby boy

This past weekend was parents weekend at the college where DS is. His company won Honor Company. I'm not sure what they get for that, but here he is in the lifeboat competition doing his part to help out. They earned points all through the week and by doing competitions on Saturday. He was sworn into the regiment and then he got to come home for a couple of days. He was so tired from the "boot camp" first month he slept until around 1:00 pm and then only got up because I woke him. He is so happy to be finished with this month. He had it a little more difficult than everyone else because he is a Sophomore and academically they don't expect Sophomore's to be putting in all the time doing the regimental activities.
Here he is with his new look. Isn't he handsome in his new uniform?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

and a good time was had by all

This year's mystery ride ended on a much better note. No broken pump and plenty of water. We did all new quilt shops except for one repeat.
We started at Isamax bakery for some breakfast and coffee. One of the girls bought one of the 5 lb. whoopie pies. While we were there we picked up some Whoop-de-doo's for dessert at lunch. From there it was a short drive to our first shop, Mystic Maine Quilts. I hadn't been to that shop before. It was cute, but very crowded with the 10 of us in there all at once. The shop had graciously opened an hour early for us. I'm sure we made it worth their while.
From there we went to Marden's. I had to take this picture because it struck me as funny. Everyone lined up in a row on the bench waiting for those of us who are perpetually slower. With all the Halloween decorations they reminded me of pumpkins lined up on a wall.
By the time we were finished there we were all starving so we went to a picnic area on Sebago Lake and had a great picnic. Jan and I were the only ones who knew where we were going since the others on the committee hadn't been able to go on the trip. So far no one had guessed any of our stops until we were almost there. Next, we hit The Calico Basket and then on to Cotton Weeds. As we were heading to Cotton Weeds we passed a yarn and needlework shop and some of the girls wanted to go. The proprietor of Cotton Weeds was nice enough to call them and see how late they were open. They were closing in 10 minutes, but said they would stay open for us to come over and shop.
After a while there we picked up pizza and headed to my house. This year no one knew we were coming to my house. They didn't even know I had been invited as I don't live there anymore, but when they were discussing the trip Heather said it would be fun to invite me. Jan was so excited. It made the secret of where we were ending up much easier to keep. Jan had everyone convinced that they were going to camp out. :-D We had show and tell of all our purchases, played games and stitched until everyone dropped.
Sunday morning we got up and had a class. I had drawn up a little wool table mat for fall. Jan had brought all the supplies from her shop Stitches for everyone to make one. Most everyone either finished or came really close.
A couple of people were ready to leave after the class so they left and the rest of us played some more games for a while until everyone else headed out around 12:30.
I know the burning question in all of your minds is what did I buy. I ended up with 11 yards of fabric and a new Jan Patek book. I also won a round of Left Right Center and received 15 fat quarters. Like I needed more fabric. ;-)