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I am a 40 something year old mother of 2. I have always been interested in crafts since my sister and I spent summer weeks with my Grandmother, who was a very crafty lady, while my mother was in college. I mostly quilt since I seem to have an obsession with owning large quantities of fabric, but at one point or another think I have tried almost every craft out there.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my baby boy

This past weekend was parents weekend at the college where DS is. His company won Honor Company. I'm not sure what they get for that, but here he is in the lifeboat competition doing his part to help out. They earned points all through the week and by doing competitions on Saturday. He was sworn into the regiment and then he got to come home for a couple of days. He was so tired from the "boot camp" first month he slept until around 1:00 pm and then only got up because I woke him. He is so happy to be finished with this month. He had it a little more difficult than everyone else because he is a Sophomore and academically they don't expect Sophomore's to be putting in all the time doing the regimental activities.
Here he is with his new look. Isn't he handsome in his new uniform?


Blogger Libby said...

Congrats to the new Honor Company - I bet you are proud *s*

9:41 AM  
Blogger QuiltingFitzy said...

Congrats to both you parents AND son! They clean up well, don't they? I can't imagine ever getting thru basic myself, that's for darned sure. (At their age or now!)

My baby dd (20yo) is an Army Reservist, due to deploy Nov. 08...*sigh*. I'm so proud my buttons are popping.

8:21 AM  

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