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I am a 40 something year old mother of 2. I have always been interested in crafts since my sister and I spent summer weeks with my Grandmother, who was a very crafty lady, while my mother was in college. I mostly quilt since I seem to have an obsession with owning large quantities of fabric, but at one point or another think I have tried almost every craft out there.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

they broke my baby!

Last Thursday I got a message from DS, who, if you have been reading my blog you know we dropped at college for preseason football on August 16th. "Mom.... This is your son. Broke my leg. I'll call you later." Then a couple of minutes later same deadpan voice "Mom.... The trainer thought that was a really mean message to leave so.... I broke my fibula. It's a non-weight bearing bone. I might not even need a cast. I can't play football for 6 weeks. Love you. Bye." Now if you knew DS you would know that he is no stranger to broken bones, one arm once, the other arm twice, right leg once and minor finger dislocations and breaks and now a left leg to add to the collection. Last year our football season consisted of football game on Friday night, ice over the weekend, x-ray Monday morning then to the Dr. for diagnosis, taping, whatever. The Dr. had stopped even making us come to the office before the x-ray. We would call him and he would call the order over to the hospital and we would just bring it to the office with us to cut down on time. So with this history you can imagine I was quite immune to the panic. It was the next message that really made my stomach drop. "Mom. I might not be able to be in the regiment..." Now here was a real problem. The regiment is required for the program he signed up for and we had just paid a small fortune for him to attend. Since DS had learned this from "some woman in the hall at the dorm. I think she is the RA" (DS has never been big on details in real life. It amazes me how he can know every detail of a band, it's members, songs they performed and dates they were released, but can't be bothered to find out when an assignment is due) I called the school to find out the real story and what his real options were. Well after back and forth for most of the day I was told that he really only had 2 options, leave and come back next year or go this year, take his academic classes, but not be in the regiment until next year and do a missed cruise after graduation. Not ideal, but setting him back only 2 months instead of a year. We called DS that night to discuss his options with him and he decided he wanted to come home to talk about it. So off to college DH drove on Friday after work to pick him up. By the time DH got there DS had really already decided to stay, but he wanted to come home to pack his clothes himself. Since the regiment required uniforms (another small fortune) that he will not be qualified to wear he brought those home and had to get his street clothes. New problem, we thought he was going to be wearing uniforms so he had pretty much worn all of his regular clothes to work in and most weren't really fit for school. So Saturday off shopping we went for new clothes, new sheets, since we decided to save the white, regimental, non-fitted ones for next year and a different non-regimental backpack that could carry both his laptop and books since he is going to be having enough trouble getting around as it is. Then Sunday morning bright and early back to college we went to hopefully drop him off for good this time. Needless to say there was no quilting, no unpacking, nothing productive done this weekend. I suppose it was productive that we have him ready for college AGAIN, but I thought we had already done that so it didn't feel like progress. That made 4 - 6+ hour round trips to college in 11 days. Since college is only a 3 hour round trip from our other house DH dryly commented on the way home "Boy, I'm so glad we moved closer to work so I won't have to drive so much." Sometimes you just have to have a sense of humor. :c)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

i found it

The adapter has been found! Now you all get to see how my new house looked as I just started putting things away on the day of moving. :c$ It is somewhat better now. I wish I had more time to take off from work to get a lot more done. Here is the kitchen. It's probably the most organized right now. My beautiful work table had to be taken back to the furniture store though. It has been so humid this year that I couldn't even open one of the 2 drawers. They are going to fix both it and my bureau and get them back to me in a week or so. As you can see from this picture of my bedroom I got the drawers to the bureau open and then couldn't close them. It has made putting things away and getting ready for work each morning a bit more challenging since all of our clothes are still in boxes and we have to dig for what we want to wear.
Last, and certainly not least is the sewing room. The cabinet has been put back together now and I have started putting away fabric. I have been re-folding it as I put it away so it is taking longer than it should.
I had to get it set up enough to finish round 4 of the round robin. DH wasn't too pleased when I wanted to work on it when he felt we should be packing. I had originally wanted to get it done early so I could leave it to pass along, but the best laid plans of mice and men....
Here is round 4. This month's theme was 4, so in keeping with my objective to try and change the shape of each block that comes to me I added the single 4 inch border with the 4 butterflies. I drew the pattern based on the pictures on my paper towels :D and used Heat n Bond applique. I finished the buttonhole stitching on the way to drop DS off to college and then dropped it off to our new chapter president on the way back home. Sorry the picture isn't better, but I had to lay it out and snap a quick one at her house while DH was waiting in the car anxious to go to dinner. As it happened the day we dropped DS off was also our anniversary. We didn't get much of a celebration, so are thinking that maybe when things settle down a bit from the move we will take some time and go see a play or something. We both love plays.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

we're here

We got moved in last Saturday. They couldn't come to hook up our Internet service until late Tuesday. Then we had to drive DS to college yesterday so this is the first time I have had a chance post to my Blog. It took a 26' rental truck full and then another half load to get most everything moved. I didn't realize we had so much stuff. I have so some really cool pictures of our box maze, but I can't find my adapter to get them from the camera to the computer. :cD The joys of moving. I've done pretty well finding most everything else. I managed to make it to work this morning with a minimum of searching for necessities.
My sewing room is really starting to shape up. I can't wait to get it set so I can start on JudyL's hour a day challenge. I'm going to have to work a bunch of hours in a row to catch up.
I had to finish my next round for my round robin challenge which I will post as soon as I find that pesky adapter.
Off to catch up on other's blogs. I am so far behind it's going to take quite a while.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

moving right along

Things are moving along. We have the rental truck set up for this weekend to take all the big furniture. Next Saturday night we will be sleeping in our new house. Maybe too much to do to be sleeping, but we will be there anyway. Bialosky has already moved in and taken his place on the stairs. He has lived on the second step up in my stairway in every house we have owned with stairs.
I haven't had any time to sit down and blog lately. We spent all last weekend working at one or the other of the 2 houses. DH moved his woodworking tools last weekend. He didn't want to wait for the big truck so he packed up his pickup towing my dad's trailer so he could get the space set up before the big move day. I took my CRV filled with as much as would fit and got some of my kitchen put away. I figured I could live here a week without things like my roasting pan, baking dishes, blanching pot, wok and some of my accumulated Tupperware. I also took 3 18 gallon totes, 1 30 gallon tote and a double cardboard file box full of fabric. I thought it was going to make a HUGE dent in my stash, but when I looked I had only emptied about 1 1/2 cupboards out of my 6 cupboards of fabric. *oops* I proudly showed DH how much was empty and he sort of looked incredulous and said "Is that all?" Oh well, maybe this is the wakeup call I need to really stop buying. So far August has been an easy "no buy".
We have one more day to spend at the house getting it totally ready for our furniture. All the spiders thought we left it empty for them. There are spider webs all over the place. I HATE spiders. I always tell DH "If it has less than one leg or more than 4 I don't want anything to do with it." We also have to finish painting DS room. It came painted with a sort of salmon pink. We are painting it a sort of sage green. We have the first coat almost on and will have to finish up the second. I am going to need to back to work to get some rest after all of this. :c)