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I am a 40 something year old mother of 2. I have always been interested in crafts since my sister and I spent summer weeks with my Grandmother, who was a very crafty lady, while my mother was in college. I mostly quilt since I seem to have an obsession with owning large quantities of fabric, but at one point or another think I have tried almost every craft out there.

Friday, December 08, 2006

this must be for us :-O

This post is the opinion of the poster and is in no way meant to express or influence the opinions of others. *giggle*
We have put up our Christmas tree early (for us) this year. I am very particular about our trees and it usually takes us a while to find one that I like. DH could really care less, but he humors me because he is a true sweetheart and if I have an opinion about something he tries to make me happy. I have a strong aversion to the over pruned, very full trees. I call them mutant trees since the branches don't resemble anything created by nature, but twist and turn randomly creating an arthritic look. They don't look natural and ornaments lay on top of the branches instead of hanging down. A few years ago I found a tree farm near where we used to live that didn't prune and we had one year with a beautiful tree before the guy thought he would sell more if he had them pruned. :c/ Every year I would look at all the stands or farms and see if I could find another perfect one and would always end up settling for the "least mutated" tree I could find.
This year, after the move, we started talking about what we were going to do about a tree. Nothing had been decided when we were on our way home from shopping last weekend and spotted a stand selling trees not 1/2 a mile from our house. It was too dark and we were going too fast to see more than the price, but they were so reasonably priced we had high hopes that they were natural. The next day we went and looked and the first tree we pulled from the bunch was perfect. Perfect height, not too full, and priced right. I did check a few others just to make sure, but I was so happy. As we were paying DH talked to the lady and she said they had been living there for years and they cut the trees from their land and never prune any more than the top if it gets too tall and spindly and they don't intend to start. I was so excited. Unless something happens we shouldn't have to worry about our tree for years to come.
We decided to decorate without popcorn this year. We usually string it with cranberries, but figured the kitty temptation would just be too great with food attached. I grew up with cats so know how to do a kitty friendly tree. All of the ornaments close to the bottom are unbreakable and a lot jingle. The tree is securely attached to the wall even though no one has tried to climb it yet. Misty and Dusky sat dozing together watching us as we decorated. When we finished they politely mewed "thank you" and pounced. I have since taken away the tree skirt. They kept playing chase around the tree and would stop short and slide the skirt into a bunch then scratch at it.
A few people were posting about tree skirts a little while ago and the whole hole or no hole thing. I was going take a picture of mine, but figured I would wait until it was under the tree. I designed this a couple of years ago for a class. I have always loved the little fences that used to be put around trees so I made us a fabric fence. :-) I am quite happy with the way it came out. The center is mostly blank so I had no qualms about cutting the hole to go around the trunk. there are appliqued stars there and I just cut the hole first and placed the stars accordingly and then quilted it with meandering stars.

Monday, December 04, 2006

and the verdict is.....

We have finally named our kittens. Thank you to all who offered suggestions. After living with them for a week, conferring with both of our children, and checking cat name websites we have settled on Dusky and Misty. It was a close run with Licorice and Ginger, but DH thought Licorice would be too hard to use when calling. It would probably end up shortened to Licky or something.
I know I said I wouldn't be annoying and post loads of kitty pictures, but I can't post projects. Everything I am working on is a Christmas present and I wouldn't want to spoil any surprises. Besides a number of you commented that you wouldn't mind more pictures.... :o)
Here is Dusky with his "precious". DS nicknamed it that after what Gollum calls the ring in the Lord of the Rings, because every time Dusky has it he will growl at Misty whenever she walks by. She isn't even particularly interested in it, but he acts like she is trying to take it from him. It doesn't seem like an angry growl and he doesn't even swat at her if she does try to take it. It's almost like he is just teasing her to come and play. It's so funny. The ball is a simple sparkly cat toy. No catnip or anything. Go figure.
Like any good parent I have to give equal post to my little girl. Here is Misty with her favorite toy. It's just a piece of ribbon I had left over from something that I thought would entertain them for a little while. She will take one end in her mouth and back up towing it all over the house. Periodically she will hop backwards like a bunny for no apparent reason. Dusky will also get in on the action by chasing along as she tows it. Sorry this picture isn't better, but they both move so fast I am lucky to get any pictures of them.
Lastly, I just have to post this one just because they are so darned cute.
Sunday afternoon play time while daddy watches football. :oD

It took me 6 tries to get this post published. It would disappear on me when I would try. I finally had to type it in in stages saving as a draft along the way. I think I have a little problem with tenacity since I should have been in bed hours ago, but I didn't want to give up. :c/