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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

he really should have come with a manual

DS has been working this summer on a small cruise ship as an engineer. They have different trips in the Great Lakes and up and down the Eastern coastline. They finished their Maine coastal trips last weekend and are leaving tomorrow for a trip through the Great Lakes to Canada. Long time blog readers will remember our fun one week after we dropped DS off at college. He appears to be a very breakable child. Well at least that time he was in the same state!
My fun this morning started with a 10:30 am call at work telling me there was nothing to "freak out" about, he was all bandaged up and able to walk to the ambulance ready for a trip to the hospital from where his ship was docked in RHODE ISLAND. I don't think children realize how hard it is to hear something like that when they are 3 states and 4 hours away. I was ready to drop what I was carrying and get in my car. Apparently he had cut a deep gash in his hand when his knife slipped and he thought he might need stitches. To make a long, very stressful, day long, story short, he ended up spending all day in the emergency room, calling with updates. The hand specialist determined he damaged a tendon and needs surgery to repair it. For some reason this can't be scheduled there until the middle of next week. He is just anxious to get back to work so wants it ASAP. (what's up with that?) They stitched the skin for now and bandaged him up. I have some phone calls to make in the morning to find a good hand specialist and we might bring him here for the surgery. At this point he is safely ensconced in a hotel as his bedroom leaves for Canada early tomorrow morning. I made sure to get the name of the hotel as he is alone and told him if he didn't answer his cell I would be sending someone from the hotel to check and make sure he is alright. DD had a bad reaction to Vicadin after she had surgery once and I am so worried about him there all alone. We will probably be going to get him tomorrow as he really shouldn't be driving. {{heavy sigh}}
I think an instruction manual should have come with him when he was born.... Do not allow to play football. Do not allow to play with or use sharp tools. He will give you many, many sleepless nights. Try to take it in stride and drink heavily. ;-)


Blogger Chookyblue...... said...

hope everything goes okay and he can get the op very soon............

11:16 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

What is it about sons? I hope the surgery goes well for him.

8:09 AM  

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