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I am a 40 something year old mother of 2. I have always been interested in crafts since my sister and I spent summer weeks with my Grandmother, who was a very crafty lady, while my mother was in college. I mostly quilt since I seem to have an obsession with owning large quantities of fabric, but at one point or another think I have tried almost every craft out there.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

my new quilt

I haven't been doing much quilting lately. Things around here have been rather stressful and I simply haven't felt like it.
I did get back a quilt I had sent off to my long arm quilter a while ago. She tends to take a while, but she does a beautiful job. Sorry about the picture. The sun was shining very brightly which was nice for the day, but not so nice for pictures. You also get a view of our rebuilt wall after we had to tear it down for mold issues when we moved in.
I still need to bind it, but I am so happy to have it back. It's based on Island Star by M'liss Rae Hawley from More Fat Quarter Quilts. I started just making the stars and was going to make a lap size, but then decided that I loved the way the stars came out so much I wanted it bigger to fit on my bed. I played around with sashing and came up with this pattern. I had to call the friend I was shopping with when I bought that background and get another 1/4 yard to finish. After I finished the center I had to improvise a border without any more of the background. I am happy with the way it turned out. I think I would have liked it better if I had used more background in the border, but at least I used some stash.:oD


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your quilt is beautifull, I love the way you designed it and your longarm quilter did a fantastic job.

2:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's just a beautiful quilt, and the quilting is so striking! Well done!

4:42 AM  
Blogger Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

gorgeous and the quilting really sets it off.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Gail said...

Oh, no, the borders are perfect just as you did them! It looks wonderful on your bed, and the quilting is impressive, too.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice quilt!

8:05 AM  
Blogger quiltpixie said...

I really like the dark border without more background. It'll be a lovely addition to your re-done bedroom

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely quilt.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Libby said...

Your quilt turned out lovely -- the long armer did a wonderful job, too.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

I had to blow up your detail pic to really understand where the block was and then to see your sashing design. It is fantastic!! At first it looked like 2 blocks alternateing but the block works so well that the sashing makes a whole new section and star!! Great idea!

I also think the border looks wonderful as is. I think it frames it just perfectly so that it tops off the beautiful center! Enjoy the new quilt and the new wall!!

10:15 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

The quilt is beautiful and looks great on your bed. And the border looks just fine like it is. Very nice job.

11:54 AM  
Blogger anne bebbington said...

A beautiful quilt on a very elegant bed - I love the quilting design it really sets off the piecing pattern - it will be a delight to sleep under

2:04 PM  
Blogger joyce said...

Your quilt is just beautiful and I love the way the dark border frames the middle. Well done!

6:31 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

This quilt looks wonderful on your bed. I love the swirly quilting - she did a fantastic job. That plum colour is to die for :-)

1:11 AM  
Blogger Hanne said...

What a beautiful quilt.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

It looks lovely- great job adapting the pattern, and the qulting really sets it off beautifully!

11:44 AM  
Blogger YankeeQuilter said...

Isn't it great when you get a quilt back quilted and lay it out on the bed for the first time! It looks beautiful.

11:55 AM  
Blogger ForestJane said...

It looks really nice! I love the colors, especially the two colors of blue you've used, and your quilter did a great job. WTG!

5:43 PM  
Blogger Rae said...

I love the quilt. All I can say is WOW. I like the contrased of the border to the background. It shows off the stars so well.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

I have that book but that pattern didn't really appeal to me - I'll have to look at it again because your quilt is beautiful. Your longarmer did a great job with the quilting too.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

It's a beautiful quilt, I love the quilting! And you have the coolest bed!

11:48 PM  
Blogger Shelina said...

This quilt is so beautiful. You did a great job with choosing the blocks, the sashing, the fabric, and a quilter who could do a lovely job for you. Super!

11:43 AM  
Blogger Jenni @ Fairybread said...

It's beautiful, and the swirly quilting is great.

11:53 PM  

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