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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

who is your tv crush?

We do have random conversations at work. Yesterday, during lunch, someone was talking about the last episode of House. One of the guys proceeded to tell us that he has a huge crush on Cuddy. Others joined in and pretty soon as people would walk into the kitchen for lunch they would be asked who their tv/celebrity crush was. It is funny what you can learn about people by who they are attracted to. Our resident intern, who is somewhat of an admitted geek likes 7 of 9 from Star Trek. This gave everyone a really good chuckle about him being attracted to someone who is part robot. By the end of today I think pretty much everyone has weighed in on their crushes. One of the very quiet QA guys likes Meredith Baxter and Valerie Bertinelli. My friend, who is a very strong personality, has a thing for L.L. Cool J and Vin Diesel.
I think the only thing the guys I am attracted to have in common is a little bit of mischief in their eyes. Shemar Moore, Sam Elliot and John Bon Jovi.
So who is your tv/celebrity crush? Lets see what we think it says about you.


Blogger suz said...

okay, this is so going to show my age, but I had a huge crush on Ricardo Montalban when he was on Fantasy Island - later it was Patrick Stewart on Star Trek, Next Generation. When I was little I planned to marry Roy Rogers, Dale Evans notwithstanding, or the Cisco Kid .... hmmm, I see a trend here - lot's of foreign accents! LOL

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